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Good but can be better as well!

Posted by Supplementsdiy on Apr 30, 2013 | Verified Purchase

Ginsengs are adaptogens used for the boosting vitality, energy level and immune system. Ginseng is also found to be effective for weight los s, diabetes control, reverse lung damage, aid healing, increase stamina and athletic performance and more! This product is not an extract or standardised so the strength is unknown. It is probably just whole ginseng grind to powder form. Personally, I feel that it works quite well in a rather short time span and the benefit continues. As ginseng is a stimulant, it is best to take occasional breaks in order to maximise the effectivenes s of the product. The capsule are made of gelatin(not for vegan), not big and easy to swallow. The product does contain magnesium stearate. Whether there is any health effects from magnesium stearate like claimed, it is highly debateable. Pricewise, this is actually quite cheap and you can last 2 months, even if you take 2 twice daily. Overall, I prefer a ginseng that shows the % of active ingredients so that at least I know what I am paying for. Check out my page for more reviews!

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A great dose and good value.

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jan 19, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I like the extra boost of energy and adrenal support. I tried a few things, but had forgotten about Ginseng. When I saw the amount of active ingredients in Now's Ginseng, I realized the product I'd used before was less than 1/3 the strength (Panax Ginseng 100mg, 10% Ginsenosides, Health Balance from Costco). So I took roughly the same amount (5 softgels) and noticed it worked well. It didn't take long to use up the softgels and at that dose. The Now's brand is far more price competitive given that you only need 2. It works well for me. Smooth and focused.

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Didn't work as well for me...

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 19, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I tried the NOW brand of Panax Ginseng because iHerb was out of Nature's Way Standardized Korean Ginseng, but there is no comparison. I feel noticeably better, more energized, and mentally sharper with Nature's Way by far. Felt nothing with NOW's Ginseng.

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Energy and Circulation

Posted by iHerb Customer on Jul 20, 2011 | Verified Purchase

I take 4 a day, great energy and blood flow. Noticed a surprise in the bedroom ;)

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Posted by iHerb Customer on Nov 27, 2007 | Verified Purchase

I started to use Panax Ginseng because when you do the research it's the herb you would want to be on to prevent flu. The additional benefits are many. Improved energy, thinking ability, and stamina. It's had clinical studies that show it's benefits.

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Good Product

Posted by iHerb Customer on Apr 07, 2016 | Verified Purchase

have been taking this product for 2 months now *along with triple strength astaxanthin*, and have observed much positive difference from before having started taking it. What i find most useful about this product is the energy release + focus it gives you. It gives me that extra edge i need *especially for long distance endurance type exercises* For sure though, it is very potent, so should be used appropriately. The price is very reasonable, compared with the cost of getting any sort of herbal-health products where i am. First time delivery was with UPS and was delivered within a few days. initial delivery charge was not very high but i had to pay an extra fee,which was quite large, to receive the product in my country. Second time delivery was with post office, took a few days longer, but did not have to pay any extra charge, so as far delivery and service its i can only say good things. For me its a 5/5

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a clear positive effect in Subjective Well-Being

Posted by iHerb Customer on May 10, 2014 | Verified Purchase

One of the most effective adaptogens. It as a clear positive effect in subjective well being. Combined with Zoei Men´s it will work with great synergies. Unfortunatelly to me it does not provide calmness (more the opposite) nor regulates sleep when traveling but so far, it is one of the most efficient adaptogens I have tried.

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Posted by iHerb Customer on Jul 02, 2008 | Verified Purchase

excellent product! have been taking it for two weeks and have noticed a huge difference in my stamina

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No more brain fog!

Posted by iHerb Customer on Mar 22, 2009 | Verified Purchase

This really helps with energy boost and clear thinking.

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Now Foods - Panaz Ginseng, 520 mg, 250 Capsules

Posted by iHerb Customer on Sep 05, 2008 | Verified Purchase

I have been taking ginseng for years, so I can compare this product to a number of others. I would highly recommend it! The purity level is impressive. When you compare the cost of this product to your typical drug store fare you will be even more blown away. See if you can even find a 520 mg product at your retailers!

Thanks for your feedback!

1-10 of 108 total

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